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Freelance Model for Baltimore Fashion Week

Freelance Model for New York City Fashion Week

Freelance Model for FTM Fashion Week (North Carolina)

Freelance Model for John Lewis-Bey Designs

Freelance Model for Travis Winkey Studios

Freelance Model for Earle Bannister Couture Menswear

Freelance Model for Harvey Starr Washington Productions

Freelance Model for Glenn Jackson Productions


Fashion Show Producer

Produce Shows for Local Churches

Produce Shows for National Non-Profit Organizations

Produce Shows for Community Events and Festivals

Produce a National Fashion Competition "Threads and Stitches"

International & National Pageant Titles

Mr. International 

Mr. North America Supreme 

Mr. USA Classique 

Mr. Black National 


Regional Pageant Titles

Mr. East Coast Supreme 

Mr. East Coast Black USofA 


State Pageant  Titles

Mr. Maryland USA Classique 

Mr. DC Newcomer 

Septimius The Great

Fashion model

Septimius Model for E Bannister Menswear Couture
Septimius Model for Alek Risimnic Couture
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